Internationalization of a Business and Start ups

Internationalization refers to a firm’s expansion outside its domestic market. This process may occur in three ways:

  • commercial expansion: the products made in the country of origin are exported and sold abroad;
  • direct foreign investment, through which multinational companies also own a company (legal entity) manufacturing plant, or R & D centre in one or more foreign countries, possibly in joint ventures with local operators;
  • intermediate forms of internationalization: agreements, licenses, technical assistance and commercial contracts, etc., that allow for the selling or leasing of technology by overseas companies  to local operators.

A start-up innovation is an Italian company, which may also be formed as a cooperative, or a European company, resident in Italy for tax purposes, and which has as its aim, the production, development, marketing of services or innovative and cutting edge technology.

Studio De Leo offers advice and assistance to companies in the process of internationalization and corporate relocation, in particular:

  • assistance in growth initiatives in the international arena and in setting up companies abroad and structuring of transnational groups, through external professionals who work with our firm;
  • assistance in corporate relations within groups with subsidiaries and / or a parent company;
  • establishment and support to start-ups and innovative SMEs.

Studio De Leo has qualified as a Representative of the Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. The role of the Italian representatives is to provide advice and support to entrepreneurs and individuals interested in investing in the UAE territory.