Participation in regulatory and supervisory bodies

In Italy, depending on the type of legal entity chosen by the company in its formation, the regulatory organ involved may include, the Board of Auditors, the Supervisory Board or the Committee for the regulation of management.

Such authorities are entrusted with the checking of the regularity of company administration and the adequacy of the organizational and accounting structure of the company, with particular attention being paid to:

  • rules on conflicts of interest;
  • to verifying the correct application of monitoring by specific groups;
  • the adequacy of reporting to ‘management boards’ and to ‘Supervisory Boards’ (eg the Board of Directors) on any shortcomings or irregularities and on any requests for the adoption of corrective measures.

Studio De Leo, through professionals with years of experience in the field, have held various roles such as:

  • Director in public companies, tasked with supporting the body with strategic oversight in the effective monitoring of management;
  • Member of Regulatory Bodies (Board of Statutory Auditors, the Supervisory Board and the audit committee on management) and as Statutory Auditor;
  • Member of the Supervisory Board pursuant to Legislative Decree. n. 231/2001;
  • Liquidator of a corporation.