Extraordinary Transactions

Extraordinary Transactions refers to a large class of transactions designed to amend, or even to substantially reconfigure, the size, and structure of the enterprise, company governance, human resources, capital resources, the management profile and organization. Extraordinary Transactions are tools to enable the implementation of the strategic decisions that a company may make in order to pursue structural and contingent aims, to ensure the development of the company, rather than a search for strategic streamling or greater flexibility.

The goals that companies pursue through these operations may be related to their entry into new markets, a search for a leadership position in their own sector, access to new assets or new operational resources, the need to focus on core business and develop the core competencies, a desire for greater synergy in order to achieve increased efficiency and financial stability objectives.

Studio De Leo assists companies, enterprises and enterprise groups, in Mergers and Acquisition processes (M & A), in increasing or reducing share capital, leverage and management buy-outs, in the sale of shareholdings,  the transfer of companies or business units, in split-ups, transfers, transformations and the  creation of contractual and corporate joint ventures.