Our specialist professionals at Studio De Leo offer advisory services on tax, corporate and contractual issues to small, medium and large companies, as well as to commercial traders and professionals in the following areas: audit, tax matters, ordinary and extraordinary transactions, expert opinions and business valuations. Studio De Leo also provides support to individuals on any ordinary or extraordinary issues relating to fiscal or administrative matters, as well as offering assistance in tax litigation.

A Professional Network

Access to a wide network of professional contacts is a key element in Studio De Leo’s philosophy. Over time, this innovative approach has allowed the firm to distingush itself from other Italian firms practising in the field. Working in partnership with such a network has allowed us to acquire the knowledge necessary to compete in a fast-moving and changing business environment and to be able to support our clients in any business venture.

Approved entity for the issuing of Compliance Stamps  (Visto Di Conformità)

The firm is authorized to issue Compliance Stamps (Visto Di Conformità) in accordance with art. 35 Legislative Decree no. 241/97 regarding Tax Assistance, as set out in ‘art. 2 of Ministerial Decree 164/99, and D.L. 78/2009, Law 102/99, subsection 574 art. of the original Stability Law 2014 (Legge di Stabilità 2014)  and any subsequent modifications and / or additions to that law.