Valuation of Companies and Corporate Holdings

The Valuation of company activity, relates specifically to the economic valuation of companies, from the point where the company’s balance sheet is not sufficient for making such an assessment. The valuation of companies, or parts of them, may be carried out for different purposes: in some cases it is the law itself  which requires the valuation (as in the case of the bestowing of assets in companies with share capital), while in others cases the valuation is voluntary.

Depending on the varying purposes for which the evaluation is required, different capital configurations will emerge. The most suitable methodological techniques for the company in question are selected from the methodological techniques widely in use for the valuation of companies and forming part of common professional practice.  In this way the determined value conforms to  the general, rational and demonstrable characteristics, as required by common practice.

Studio De Leo handles the valuation of companies and corporate holdings in industrial, commercial, financial and service industries, in relation to activities involving extraordinary transactions, the acquisition and sale of company, investments and revaluation of shares in a company. Our firm acts either  in the role of expert advisor or independent expert, with regard to a range of purposes, including:

  • valuation of companies in the event of sales transactions, mergers, split-ups, re-assessment of property, creation of new companies in the context of joint ventures, etc;
  • assessment of companies and company shares as part of a generational transfer and the consequent redistribution of assets within the family;
  • valuation of companies as required by law or as stated by an independent expert;
  • opinions on the methodological adequacy of company valuations outsourced to third parties;
  • valuation of companies as part of a company transfer or transformation of a company from a partnership into a limited company;
  • technical consultancy in court proceedings relating to the valuation of companies or company shares;
  • valuation of companies as part of the revaluation of corporate holdings;
  • provision of judgments and opinions on the fairness of values ​​or prices, determined within the context of specific transactions by companies with share capital;
  • valuation of companies or shareholdings in the event of the withdrawal of a shareholder;
  • valuation of companies in a hypothetical liquidation for the consequent division to the heirs of the deceased partner.