Taxation and Tax Litigation

Studio De Leo provides advice and complete assistance in the field of direct and indirect taxation: determination of the total income of individuals, corporations and professionals to IRPEF, IRES, IRAP and IRI; interpretation and implementation of tax provisions on VAT, the Tax Register and other indirect taxes, domestic and international tax planning, both with regard to companies and corporate groups, and with regard to individuals.

The firm also offers advice, assistance and representation in the event of tax disputes. In particular, the services offered in this area are:

  • control and checking of all types of documents issued by the tax authorities and the Collection Agent;
  • preparation of any type of document in the area of ​​tax litigation, including, in particular, the preparation of tax appeals before the Provincial and Regional Tax Commissions;
  • request for rescheduling of tax demands and notices of irregularities issued by the tax authorities.

Furthermore, in pre-litigation, Studio De Leo offers assistance in the use of deflationary tools in tax litigation, such as:

  • assistance during tax audits;
  • tax mediation;
  • tax settlement;
  • self-protection;
  • fiscal transactions;
  • discussion of legal documens (eg. ‘Good-will’ warnings) and cross-examination by the tax authorities;
  • amendments