Business Crises

Businesses are continually required to face negative periods, which are often short-term and cyclical. However, sometimes, they may derive from deeper structural issues and lead to a detrimental situation, in which the enterprise, over a continuous  period inflicts damage upon  itself, so as to risk compromising its own survival, if corrective action is not taken.

Crisis refers to a situation stemming from a variety of factors, mainly related to an economic and financial imbalance within the company.

Studio De Leo offers advice and assistance to companies in crisis, through

  • an analysis of the crisis situation, the development of action programs;
  • assistance in the rescheduling of financial debt, including through the provision of  assistance in the preparation and implementation of plans of reorganization and restructuring of debts;
  • help in the search for financial partners or strategic and feasibility certification of rescue plans ex art. 67 L.F. ;
  • implementation of debt restructuring agreements (ex art. 182a L.F.)