Generational Transfers

The entrance of new generations, as well as the entry of new members, requires careful consideration of the options and tools available to facilitate their  integration and accountability. In the event of this, all legal and tax aspects related to the new ownership situation and the possible use of leverage should be considered, since more and more, this generational transition may also coincide with the redefinition of corporate strategy.

The management of generational change is fundamental and must be planned in good time to enable family firms to compete and grow successfully.

Studio De Leo, by identifying points of the company strengths / weaknesses, can support and assist the entrepreneur and his/her successors during the transition period by offering advice on:

  • transfer or donation of shares;
  • separation of right of usufruct (beneficial rights) and life estate (right of possession of the company (or business branch);
  • creation of family holdings;
  • sale of business or business branch;
  • family covenants.