Studio De Leo supports companies by providing expert advice on corporate issues. It does so by guiding customers through business decisions, whether ordinary or extraordinary, at all stages in the life of a company, in order to establish a more managerial and effective governance that will ensure the continuity of the business.

In particular, the services offered are:

  • assistance in the formation of a new company, in the drafting of the memorandum and articles of incorporation;
  • assistance in the drafting of shareholder agreements;
  • highlighting , by specialists in corporate finance, of potential financial instruments to which the company may avail itself, both during the start-up, and once the business is up and running;
  • advice on the drawing up of and implementation of financial leases regarding property and real estate, and of rental contracts related to the company’s business, commercial contracts and corporate matters in general;
  • assessment of the extent to which corporate structures meet the needs of the company and the shareholders;
  • assistance in M ​​& A procedures, including pre-contract negotiations, both in the initial planning stages of the operation, by assisting in the project, or by checking the project itself;
  • assistance in the negotiation and transfer of stocks, shares and business groups, and in business succession and generational change;
  • consultancy in the area of corporate restructuring, and management of an economic crisis, both during the onset of the crisis and in any eventual recourse to bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Compliance with statutory and tax requirements

Through its professional expertise and organisation, Studio De Leo is able to take care of the following responsibilities:

  • safekeeping and updating of social and tax record books
  • compliance and data storage of documents with the Chamber of Commerce
  • services relating to the Registered Office
  • preparation and submission of annual income tax returns, VAT, mod. 770 and other
  • preparation of statements required by law
  • opening of VAT registration number
  • bookkeeping and tax statements (corporate and professional accounting )
  • Telematic services

Studio De Leo manages all electronic communications to be sent to the Revenue, the Companies Register, Social Security institutions and municipalities.

It also deals with the management of all documents related to this submission:

  • Companies Register documents / REA, deposit accounts, certificates of electronic transmission to the Inland Revenue by Entratel
  • Activation of a certified email address (PEC)