Rating Consultancy

The Financial Rating is a an analytical judgment, expressed by an external or independent entity on the ability or inability of a company to pay its debts. In other words, it offers a judgment on the ability of such a company to generate the necessary resources  to meet its commitments to creditors. This judgment is subject to periodic review.

Those bodies responsible for assigning a  credit rating (rating assignment), by which is meant an assessment of the nature of a company’s debt, include, banks and other credit intermediaries.  This assessment is arrived at through a procedure that involves the analysis of the economic and financial characteristics of the firm in question. The budget in then analysed in all its components and parameters such as profitability, its ability to generate resources and income, its return on capital, cash flow, the relationship between equity and debt and such like.

The area of Rating Consultancy , consists of  proactive activities, assistance and advice to businesses, aimed at the systematic and continuous preparation, certification, analysis and evaluation of the information base needed for a timely, efficient and effective rating assignment process.

It consists of five sequential operating steps:

  • identifying, defining and collecting the necessary data necessary for a preparatory check list;
  • preliminary risk evaluation procedures, standardization and possible adjustment of data needed for the information base for the rating assessment process (economic and financial due diligence);
  • analysis and evaluation of all components of risk present in the enterprise and their explanatory variables, along with a multi-objective simulation of the rating objective (financial analysis & valuation);
  • consultancy to the business enterprise, aimed at achieving the best financial giudance and the adoption of an appropriate plan of action which seeks to obtain a constant improvement in the target rating (business planning);
  • ongoing economic and financial monitoring aimed at the implementation of the business plan (monitoring & tutoring);
  • consulation with Credit Agencies (responsible for monitoring all financial transactions relating to the company in question) to ensure a fair and reliable analysis of company activities.

Studio De Leo is well placed to offer this type of rating consultancy, given its in-depth knowledge of the functioning of financial markets and strategic finance. It is in a position to propose a  proactive approach to operational and financial risk management, supported  by its understanding of the use of innovative financial instruments available to businesses. This is achieved without neglecting the procedures and development of corporate performance monitoring tools, which are important in improving financing and investment choices in an increasingly complex and global environment.